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How to choose the right photographer

So it was done! You filed an application, bought gorgeous outfits and of course the radiant wedding rings. Have chosen a luxurious cafe. They sent out colorful invitations. It would seem that everything has been taken into account, but this long-awaited day will fly like one hogwash. And what will remain in your memory, what will you show your children and grandchildren?

You need to think about choosing a photographer. Of course, what is there to choose? Photographers have blossomed, photos for every taste and prosperity. But how to do it, so do not be sorry? Do not peresnimat same, and if you decide to take such a step, then the emotions you and your photos are not at all the same. And so the first thing you need to do is to meet with applicants to perpetuate your event. When you meet, you will find out what a photographer is like, how pleasant and comfortable you are to communicate with him. Be sure to discuss in what style the whole wedding, what stages and at what time, in which attire will you and your guests. Who from relatives will be present, and many other things. For Russia, this is of course a rarity, but be sure to demand a contract. To you this guarantees the quality of the images no worse than in the portfolio, and the photographer will calmly prepare for the shooting. In the advance payment, there is nothing to worry about if the contract specifies the passport data of the photographer and yours. The amount of prepayment is usually prescribed in the contract. Some photoraphy immediately in their price list immediately indicate that they work under the contract. Here is one example: kmaximvfoto.ru This author says everything in plain sight. That's what nasnimal and that's how much it costs. These tips apply not only to wedding photos, but also to portraits, etc. The most important contract and understanding between the customer and the performer.

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How to prepare for the shooting?

And so, you decided to please yourself or your loved ones with pictures of yourself being loved / loved. Photographers found, agreed on the price, the date was determined. The place and scenario of the shooting were discussed. It remains to prepare. And how to do it? Well, if you're already a former model, and if this is your first shooting with a professional? The first thing you need to remember the photographer is always right, it is he who sees you from the side, it is on him the most part of responsibility for the result. The second is positive, unless of course you are shooting something dramatic. If you want to get no photos for the grandmother in the village, then there must be professional make-up. So you can avoid glare of the skin, emphasize certain facial features. Usually photographers have familiar pros in this area. No relatives and friends on set. Leave them behind the door or send them out of sight if you're shooting outside. Between you and the photographer should be a contact, only you and the photographer. It is advisable if you meet and just chat before filming. This will help relax you and the photographer. Even the coolest frame can be spoiled by constrained movements and clamped facial expressions. Rehearsals? Well, only if you are an experienced model, but if so, then you do not need my advice. There is nothing to rehearse. In any case, you see yourself with your own eyes, you are accustomed to yourself, the photographer looks at you from the side and most likely his creative ideas you will realize. I hope you have chosen a creative personality, and not popsyatinu, stamping footage, similar to each other, not only in yourself, but also your colleagues. I almost forgot for the night before the shooting necessarily strong sleep, even if it's shooting in the coolest magazine, from which your life's jealous :). It seems to have forgotten nothing. If you have any questions, please contact us! Always happy to help.

Make-up for shooting.
No long introductions. :)
If you are going to a professional photo shoot, for good pictures, then prepare seriously and in advance.
    • For a day, refuse, from:
      - Red meat
- Alcohol
- Coffee
- Spicy food
    • Do not use creams and cosmetics containing alpha-hydroxides and Retin-A, they exfoliate the skin. A flaky skin in the pictures, it's not exactly what you were dreaming about !?
    • Pay attention to your eyebrows a few days before filming, visit a specialist who will give them a form. For a day or less, this can not be done categorically, better go as is. Tumescence and redness are also not a model's dream and a photographer's headache.
    • Now to the hair! If you decide to cut or dye your hair, then do it for two or three days. So the hair will look more natural. Remember, all experiments should be done in advance.
    • Nails! About them, too, do not forget. Your fingers should be well maintained and clean, with a beautiful manicure. Even such a detail, which few people seem to see, can spoil classroom shots.
    • My favorite! :) Photoshoot topless or "nude." Get rid of the tan line.
    • Lips need to beckon. Before going to bed and in the morning before the photo session, use a special balm or lipstick. This will avoid cracks to soften the lips.
If you make a make-up for a photo shoot yourself, remember:
Makeup for the photo session should be brighter and more saturated, the fact that you apply every day. But do not overdo it!
For this:
    • The upper eyelashes are thicker. And the bottom ... Slightly indicate their presence. :)
    • Thoroughly shade the shadows and lines of the liner! This is to the point that it would not overdo it.
    • The tonal cream should be exactly the skin tone. The light one will make you a zombie, and too dark is a nightmare not transmitted by words. And still, if you use dark tones, the transitions should be smooth and inconspicuous, like a good automaton.
    • Keep powder, greasy shine, it's a cross on class photos.
    • The temptation to the lips will give a little shine on the middle of the lower lip.

Of course, do not forget about other tips on this page.